Safety Passport

SmartMove Safety Passport

Safety Passport

The Safety Passport programme is a WHS educational resource for educators to prepare their students who will be entering a workplace from the workplace learning and school-based traineeships/ apprenticeships programme for the first time. Safety Passport covers the pre-requisite WHS knowledge and addresses the national competency unit BSBWHS201.

Please note that the Safety Passport programme is being phased out and will not be available in the new version of SmartMove. Part of Safety Passport content will be included in the future SmartMove Certificate which will be launched for Term 1 2021.

How the Safety Passport works

There are eight online lessons that make up the program. Each lesson contains detailed information and instructions, online activities and downloadable/printable worksheets and has a separate student and educator introduction page. The student page contains a link to the relevant assessment tool and Passport certificate for that lesson, and the educator page comprising of various supplemental lesson plans relevant to the lesson topic.

The seven Safety Passport lessons are:

  1. SAM is
  2. SAM in the workplace
  3. Employer responsibilities
  4. Worker responsibilities
  5. Worksite inspections
  6. Incident reporting
  7. Emergency response plan
  8. WHS inductions