Student Resources

Student Resources

Information Sessions

This section contains individual online information sessions that address specific topics within work health and safety. Young people are more vulnerable to risks in the workplace. Learn about specific hazards relating to your work health and safety and know how to identify and safeguard yourself from harm.
Choose any topic that is of interest to you, or take them all to build up your knowledge of the specific hazards that may effect young people at work. After completing a short activity at the end of each session, an acknowledgement of participation certificate will be issued to each participant.

Some household products such as batteries, aerosols and paints are classified as dangerous goods.

Know what they are and learn how to dispose of them safely.

Timing: Estimated learning time – 8 to 10 minutes.

Workplace bullying creates a risk to health and safety. It can be carried out in person, through emails, texts, social media posts and letters. When bullying occurs online or digitally, it is called cyberbullying.

Learn to recognise the bullying behaviours at the workplace, where to seek help and how to protect yourself from harm.

Timing: Estimated learning time – 10 to 15 minutes.