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WorkSafe SmartMove is a Work Health and Safety (WHS*) online educational program for senior high school students, young workers entering the workforce on work placement, work experience, or as school-based trainee/apprentice, and new workers entering the workforce for the first time. SmartMove is also designed for young people who are entering casual or part-time work on their free time and those who work on seasonal jobs.

SmartMove objectives are to:


Young people of the general hazards in the workplace


Young people for the responsibility of working safely


Young people to stand up for their safety in the workplace


Young people with a certificate of completion
Young workers make up a large part of the workforce in Western Australia. However, they are likely to be vulnerable to work related illnesses and injuries resulting from their lack of experience and unfamiliarity with the health and safety risks and responsibilities of the job.
Young workers are defined as young people between the age of 15 and 24.
SmartMove aims to create knowledge of work health and safety in young people enabling them to recognise the potential dangers, hazards and risks associate in the workplace and provide them with the tools to stay safe in the workplace.
SAMM the robot pointing to the text.


Spot the hazard


Assess the risk


Manage the changes


Monitor and follow-up

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Western Australia has implemented the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act.

The new WA legislation brings together all industries, general, mining and petroleum, into one Work Health and Safety Act, but with separate regulations. Other States and Territories (except Victoria) and New Zealand have also adopted versions of the model WHS legislation.