Getting to know SmartMove

Our journey

WorkSafe SmartMove is an online educational platform developed by WorkSafe Western Australia as part of the SafetyLine initiative to introduce general concepts of WHS to young people. Participating in SmartMove is free of charge.

Young people often feel vulnerable in new jobs. They may face many physical and mental health challenges, particularly during the transition from school to work. Lack of knowledge, skills and experience combined with a desire to work hard exposes them to a higher risk of being hurt. WorkSafe SmartMove offers young people a chance to learn about potential dangers and be aware of their duties, rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Learning the general concepts of work health and safety (WHS) and the types of hazards commonly found in each specific industry early will enable young people to manage their workplace risks effectively.

Getting it right

Keeping young people safe in the workplace is our main goal. We believe that making knowledge of WHS mainstream will help prepare young people for working safely. Young people are encouraged to learn about WHS as an integral part of their education, and before entering the workforce. Because of this belief, SmartMove is:

    • designed to address the national competency unit BSBWHS211– Contribute to health and safety of self and others 
    • linked to the syllabuses and support materials for each level of the Career & Enterprise courses of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority WA 
    • designed to follow the Guiding principles for health and safety education for students in transition from school to work  by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (2006) 
    • designed to support WHS elements addressed in the Student work placement guide (2007) by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council 
    • developed based on current industry knowledge guided by evidence-based principles 
    • designed to offer industry-specific WHS training in preparation for and prior to entering the workplace  
    • inclusive of feedback from subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure content suitability and alignment with industry standards and legal requirements. 

We did our groundwork

We want to introduce general WHS concepts to young people in a way that relates to them while supporting the needs of educators. Before building the new version of SmartMove, we did our groundwork by surveying SmartMove users on their perceptions of the current program and any future areas of improvement. We asked our key stakeholders about their thoughts on the program and how we could assist them to deliver it effectively. Extensive consultation with subject matter experts were also undertaken to guide the redevelopment of SmartMove.

Where we are now

Our new chapter begins with SAMM, who is guiding young people through the SmartMove Certificate program.

SmartMove Certificate consists of the industry course and the alternative learning course. The industry course contains the general module and 16 industry modules. Each module breaks down into sections with a knowledge quiz at the end of each section. Graphic animations and gaming activities are incorporated throughout.

Five newly developed industry modules have been included in response to education and industry demands:

    • Fast food and takeaway food
    • Horticulture
    • Light manufacturing
    • Plumbing and gasfitting
    • Veterinary and animal care

The superseded SmartMove extension module has been replaced by the alternative learning course. Similar to a combination of the general module and the business and ICT industry module, the course is designed to best address specific learning requirements of students with physical, medical and other disabilities.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience with us.

Kind regards,

SAMM and the WorkSafe SmartMove team 🙂

This new version of SmartMove was built by local WA specialist training provider, Future Institute of Australia. Future Institute specialises in the development and customisation of highly interactive eLearning programs utilising their experienced team of curriculum and eLearning developers, animators and gamification experts.