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General Module

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Industry Module

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General Module

The general module contains background information on WHS, important facts about WHS laws, common workplace hazards found in the workplace and the quiz on the information presented. Interactive activities on two workplace scenarios are available to allow learners applying their knowledge obtained from the learning.

The general module needs to be completed before you can access the industry modules.

Industry Modules

After successful completion of the general module you may select an industry module that best suits your future or current work placement or job, or your area of interest.

There are industry modules available, each one relates to specific workplace environments. The industry module contains common workplace hazards found within the industry. An interactive activity on each workplace scenario specific to the industry is available to allow learners translate their knowledge obtained into practice.


Building and Construction

Business and ICT



Fast Food and Takeaway Food

Hairdressing, Nail and Beauty

Health and Community Care

Heavy Mechanical and Engineering



Light Manufacturing


Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Retail Trade

Sport, fitness and recreation

Veterinary and animal care

Coming soon

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion, a certificate will be generated that states that you have passed both the general module and relevant industry module. You can attempt as many industry modules as you like to earn a collection of the industry specific certificates of completion.

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