WHS In The Fast Food Industry

In 2010 WorkSafe conducted an inspection campaign in the Fast food industry. During the campaign inspectors saw instances where workers had suffered serious burns while performing everyday tasks such as, cleaning chicken rotisserie trays, transferring hot oil and removing food from a microwave.

It was concluded, through a risk assessment, that the most common risks in the fast food industry  are:

  • manual tasks;
  • lacerations from knives;
  • burns;
  • electrical hazards
  • fatigue; and
  • slips, trips and falls

What is a risk assessment?

Occupational safety and health laws requires that employers carry out risk assessments within the workplace.

A risk assessment is the process of determining whether there is a risk associated with an identified hazard, that is, whether there is any likelihood of injury or harm.

The process should include consultation with people involved in the task, as well as consideration of the, experience and training of the employee, individual tasks to be performed and the length of time the employee is exposed to the identified hazards.


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