Drug/Alcohol Use & Work

It’s normal to want to go out and have fun. Drugs may be legal like alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, or illegal like cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.

People use drugs to have fun, relax, gain confidence or as a form of escape.

The only safe level of alcohol and drug use is none at all, as there are always risks involved. But if you or your friends do choose to indulge, make sure you are prepared.

Thinking about how you will respond if you or your friends run into trouble will help you if things don’t go as planned.

It is also always important to keep in mind the effects of your partying on your work and other activities. Partying and late nights can take a toll on your energy levels and ability to concentrate the next day. This can lead to lapses in concentration that can affect your safety and health at work, especially if you have to work at heights, drive, operate machinery or equipment.

WorkSafe has worked with the Drug and Alcohol Office to provide you with information and simple ways to keep yourself and your friends safe. WorkSafe has also developed guidance notes for drugs in the workplace for employers that wish to develop a drug/alcohol policy.

For more information about drugs or specific information about a particular drug, visit drugaware.com.au


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Last modified: Thursday, 10 October 2013, 10:24 AM