How the Safety Passport Works

The SmartMove Safety Passport is an initiative by WorkSafe to ensure that young workers entering the workplace for the first time (workplace learning and school-based traineeships/apprenticeships) have been exposed to pre-requisite WHS knowledge prior to engaging in a work placement.

There are eight online educational lessons that make up the WorkSafe SmartMove Safety Passport program. Each lessons contains detailed information and instructions, online activities, relevant videos and documentaries, and downloadable/printable versions of lessons and worksheets. It is highly recommended that all lessons are completed in sequential order. Completion of each lesson is recorded in the Safety Passport.

The Safety Passport is divided into two sections. The first is made up of eight certificates, one related to each Passport lesson, for teachers/trainers to complete (sign & date for each competency) as students demonstrate competence through completing the lessons and activities in the SmartMove Safety Passport Program, and indicates to workplace supervisors a student’s prior WHS knowledge.

The second section is a single page A4 checklist designed to be a part of a student's workplace learning journal, and is for workplace supervisors/host employers to complete during a student's work placement, indicating to teachers/trainers that a student is applying their WHS knowledge and training within the workplace.

Both parts of the Safety Passport can be found in the mapping and assessment document available in the resource section of the site. The Safety Passport document (use this link to order) is issued to students/trainees that have participated in classroom based activities, and does not replace or diminish the responsibility of an employer/host employer in their legal responsibility of conducting a WHS induction for new workers that possess this document. Below is a flow-chart that explains in more detail how the Safety Passport Initiative works.


Last modified: Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 2:01 PM
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