Extension Module

Extension Module

The Extension Module is specifically designed for students with special educational needs who may find the General and Industry Module format challenging, or to those students who may not be entering a workplace in the near future. The Extension Module is a stand-alone module and students do not need to pass the General Module to access the Extension Module.

You must complete the Extension Modules quiz and score 80% or higher to obtain the Completion Certificate for SmartMove Extension Module.

Classroom setting, 2 students in front of laptop computers

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Student in a wheelchair holding a computer tablet

Alternative Learning

Alternative Learning module will be designed to best address specific learning needs of students with physical, medical and other disabilities. It will aim to provide an alternative path for students that would like to obtain knowledge and awareness about Work Health and Safety. After successfully completing the Alternative Module, students will be rewarded with a downloadable SmartMove Certificate in WHS. This module is being developed by WorkSafe and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety according to goals set out in the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2023.