This section contains downloadable offline versions of the SmartMove Safety Passport Program and the SmartMove Certificate, plus additional supplemental lesson plans, for teachers to use if their classroom has limited Information Technology access. It also contains information about, and documentation on, the SmartMove Safety Passport Initiative, plus other resources relevant to the courses available on this site, (such as weblinks to other online work safety educational programs).

    The Information Sessions section contains presentations relating to current topical work safety issues, such as workplace bullying and drug/alcohol use at work. These presentations include text, images, video and podcasts.

  • SmartMove Safety Passport

  • Offline Certificate Modules

  • Information Sessions

    This section contains individual online information sessions that address specific topics within Work Health and Safety. The sessions are stand-alone and are designed to complement the current SmartMove Safety Passport program, or to be used where an educator feels student knowledge is lacking. 

    These information sessions can be incorporated into the Safety Passport program as an educator sees fit, or can be integrated into their own WHS educational program.

    The Information Sessions use a "Table Of Contents" menu (in the left vertical bar) on each page as a means of navigation.

  • Additional Resources

    This section contains any other relevant resources that may help educators and students when working through the lessons and activities on this website.

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