Additional Links


  • Your First Job
    A Fair Work Ombudsman educational resource designed to help young workers understand their rights and obligations when first starting work
  • SafeWork SA
    This website has an interactive hazard game - Hunt for Hazards
  • "A Job Well Done"
    A WorkSafe Victoria resource for senior high school students with special educational needs
  • SafeWork SA
    This website has a virtual hotel, kitchen, office and supermarket to help you test your knowledge of hazards at work
  • Victoria Government, Workplace Health and Safety
    This website provides young people and teachers with vital information about the work environment, with a strong focus on the importance of good OHS practice
  • Health and Safety, Department of Labor, New Zealand
    This website is an interactive site with lots of graphics and interesting facts
  • WorkSafe New Zealand, Pathways Awarua
    Pathways Awarua is a free online literacy and numeracy learning tool that is designed to help people learn to read while learning about health and safety in the workplace


    • British Safety Council
      A website aimed at young people, which includes a free online and mobile app on the site (The Missing: A Dangerous Truth) that can be played online or downloaded to Android or iOS phones.


    • Bloody Lucky
      Bloody Lucky is a WorkSafe Alberta video campaign, highlighting the hazards that young people face in the workplace.
    • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
      Young workers zone is a website containing information and tools for young people starting work.
    • WorkSafeBC, Canada
      This website includes a "young worker" section which contains lots of resources for students, educators and employers.
    • Raise Your Hand Campaign
      This website contains videos and resources to help educate new young workers on how to be confident in the workplace
    • No Mercy
      This WorkSafeNB site contains resources and materials designed to make students aware of workplace hazards
    • Spot the Zombie
      A clever and engaging Occupational Safety and Health educational campaign
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